Ferme des Pins vert

Friesian horse breeding

Welcome to the ferme des pins verts

We imported from Alsace (France) our first Frisian mare (Nikita) and his filly (Lassie) in 2002 with the aim of establishing a small breeder.
It was the beginning of a beautiful love story and the birth of a passion for these beautiful horses.
Our family has grown and now has more subjects. Our objectives have evolved over the years. Indeed, we have discovered the world of racing and the world of dressage with our Gamine filly.
It eventually became clear to us that produce beautiful horses, friendly, easy to handle, would not be enough ... These black pearls should imperatively have high-level athleticism and be able to compete against the best sport horses of all races.

In this regard, we consider the Friesian horses as part of the family Warmblood since they are from the cross of a cold-blooded horse, the original Frisian horse and a warm-blooded, the Andalusian.
We believe that by seeking the most high and rigorous standards for our foals, so they get the potential to reach the highest levels of performance.